About me


Hello 🙂 !

My name is Ivna Hraste. I am an artist and graphic designer living in Zagreb, Croatia, with a MA degree in graphic design from the University of Zagreb Faculty of Architecture School of Design, 2002.

I work as an artist, graphic and web designer by the name “KREATIVNA” (“creative/Ivna”).

My expression is mostly abstract and I love nature and organic. I use vivid colors and the whole rainbow is my palette.

I paint with watercolor mixed with watercolor crayons on paper, as well as acrylic on canvas and sell originals and prints of originals. Besides painting, I create digital art and design posters with my original graphics and photographs using photo manipulation and photomontage.

Ever since I fell in love with felting I have been creating jewelry, hats, bags, sculptures and figures made of wool, under the name “Ivnina vuna” (“Ivna’s Wool”). I also promote felting by organizing workshops.

All my works are for sale, but I also create on demand according to your wishes.


2015, june – GROUP EXHIBITION at “2nd Wool Festival” – woolen jewelry; Cultural and educational space “Škola” and Sheep breeding Museum Lubenice, Cres

2015, june – GROUP EXHIBITION “travelling (light)”, Journey to unknown” – woolen sculpture – installation; Gallery “Modulor” and Gallery “trenutak.39” cooperation, Zagreb

2014, december – GROUP EXHIBITION “freedom.birds”, An unexspected bird” – woolen sculpture; Gallery “trenutak.39”, Zagreb

2014, june – GROUP EXHIBITION “FIRE.warmth.intensity”, Cooperation“- woolen sculpture; Gallery “trenutak.39”, Zagreb

2014, march – GROUP EXHIBITION “new.beginning”, Life” – woolen jewelry; Gallery “trenutak.39”, Zagreb

2012, december – GROUP EXHIBITION “intimacy.skuric.e”, Bad doggie” – drawing /  computer graphic; Gallery “trenutak.39”, Zagreb

2012, june – EXHIBITION “small talk.chatter”, “Three dear cahtters” – drawing; Gallery “trenutak.39”, Zagreb

2004 – GROUP EXHIBITION “15 YEARS OF SCHOOL OF DESIGN”, Gliptoteka HAZU, Zagreb, magazine “Čovjek i prostor (ČIP)”

1999 –GROUP EXHIBITION “10 YEARS OF SCHOOL OF DESIGN”, Mimara Museum, Zagreb, photographs

1999 – GROUP PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION “OKUS FOKUSA”, Culture Center Čakovec, photographs

1999 – GROUP PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION “OKUS FOKUSA”, City Museum Jastrebarsko, photographs

Published work

“Homage to wool” publication (Center for sustainable development “Gerbin” and Sheep breeding Museum, Lubenice – Cres), june 2016; felted jewelry, bags, hats and sculptures (photographs by Jurana Hraste). Publication presents 16 organizations and authors from Croatia that express themselves creative through wool.