About me


Hello 🙂 !

My name is Ivna Hraste. I am an artist, graphic and web designer living in Zagreb, Croatia, with a MA degree in graphic design from the University of Zagreb Faculty of Architecture School of Design in 2002. I am a sole entrepreneur working by the name “KREATIVNA” (“creative/Ivna”, in Croatian the word “creative” translates to “kreativna”).

Besides painting, ever since I fell in love with felting I have been creating jewelry, hats, bags, sculptures and figures made of wool, under the name “Ivnina vuna” (“Ivna’s Wool”). I also promote felting by organizing workshops.

Kreativna Studio

I create quirky, mindful, uplifting, colorful printable wall art for home and business owners and spiritual seekers looking for something special that will bring joy and positive energy into their living and working environment. If you are ready for a unique experience of “diving into” artwork that tells a tale, “Kreativna Studio” is where you’ll find just what you need.

My expression is mostly abstract and I love nature and organic. I use vivid colors and the whole rainbow is my palette.

I paint with watercolor mixed with watercolor crayons and pencils on paper, as well as acrylic on canvas and sell instant digital download prints of originals. Besides painting, I create digital art and design calendars and posters with my original graphics and photographs using photo manipulation and photomontage.

All my works are for sale, but I also create on demand according to your wishes. For buying originals and for business inquiry you can contact me at kreativna@ivnahraste.com or via contact form.


2022, september – SOLO EXHIBITION “Beauty is in details” – watercolor and mixed media on paper; “Kajfešov brijeg” Library, Zagreb

2015, june – GROUP EXHIBITION at “2nd Wool Festival” – woolen jewelry; Cultural and educational space “Škola” and Sheep breeding Museum Lubenice, Cres

2015, june – GROUP EXHIBITION “travelling (light)”, Journey to unknown” – woolen sculpture – installation; Gallery “Modulor” and Gallery “trenutak.39” cooperation, Zagreb

2014, december – GROUP EXHIBITION “freedom.birds”, An unexspected bird” – woolen sculpture; Gallery “trenutak.39”, Zagreb

2014, june – GROUP EXHIBITION “FIRE.warmth.intensity”, Cooperation“- woolen sculpture; Gallery “trenutak.39”, Zagreb

2014, march – GROUP EXHIBITION “new.beginning”, Life” – woolen jewelry; Gallery “trenutak.39”, Zagreb

2012, december – GROUP EXHIBITION “intimacy.skuric.e”, Bad doggie” – drawing /  computer graphic; Gallery “trenutak.39”, Zagreb

2012, june – EXHIBITION “small talk.chatter”, “Three dear cahtters” – drawing; Gallery “trenutak.39”, Zagreb

2004 – GROUP EXHIBITION “15 YEARS OF SCHOOL OF DESIGN”, Gliptoteka HAZU, Zagreb, magazine “Čovjek i prostor (ČIP)”

1999 –GROUP EXHIBITION “10 YEARS OF SCHOOL OF DESIGN”, Mimara Museum, Zagreb, photographs

1999 – GROUP PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION “OKUS FOKUSA”, Culture Center Čakovec, photographs

1999 – GROUP PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION “OKUS FOKUSA”, City Museum Jastrebarsko, photographs


Published work

“Homage to wool” publication (Center for sustainable development “Gerbin” and Sheep breeding Museum, Lubenice – Cres), june 2016; felted jewelry, bags, hats and sculptures (photographs by Jurana Hraste). Publication presents 16 organizations and authors from Croatia that express themselves creative through wool.