Art venue and association

“trenutak.39” was association of artists, film theorists, designers, photographers and enthusiasts interested in art, community, humanity, philosophy, soulsearch, alternative…

Our wish is to promote creative work in fine arts and audiovisual arts, as well as in design. Another aspect of our work is aimed at promoting and preserving Croatian cultural heritage and traditional values and skills. Above all, we would like to raise awareness about social well-being and support conscious development of civic society.

My creative work on this project features complete visual identity, web design, promotion material and social media design during the period 2011-2016.



Flyers for seasonal thematic group exhibitions:
Flyers / Facebook covers for individual art exhibitions / residency programs:


Flyers / Facebook covers for events – lectures, workshops, presentations, thematic nights:




EU Project for establishment of infrastructure for the exchange without the use of money at the local level


*COPYRIGHT 2021. All Rights Reserved.

These images can not be used for commercial or private use without my consent.

For purchasing my work, collaboration or further business inquiries please contact me via Contact form.

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