Children are a reflection of us

Through my own parenting experience, I see and confirm every day what I have learned, which is that children are our mirror, that they totally absorb our energy, our mood, our joy, our sadness, our doubts, our enthusiasm, our peace and our fear.… and they automatically and instantly react to what they feel from us, drawing everything through themselves and experiencing it as their own.

Yesterday, it was not clear to me why my daughter had so much self-doubt in her creativity, and fear that she was drawing wrong, and that she would never be good at drawing, but in fact she creates such wonderful pictures (even according to the template, because her interpretations are more alive and full of spirit). And we as parents encourage and support and advise her the way we should actually advise and support ourselves, because what she feels are essentially my own self-doubts and fears that I am doing wrong and that I might not succeed…

I realized again this morning for the umpteenth time, how we actually influence our children, other people and the environment in general, with what we ARE and what we carry inside us, even though our behavior and what we say is often the opposite to that… The picture that my daughter gave me as a present yesterday (featured photo), welcomed me in front of the monitor this morning and put everything in perspective for me again… And I promise to myself I will listen to all my advices and words of comfort and support that I gave to her yesterday!

What are your thoughts or experiences on the subject?


Come join me on a self-awareness journey through art :). My art is who I am.

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