My Art Is Who I Am

Who am I? I think anyone asks themselves that question from time to time, it is what makes us humans. We are creative and curious beings having this moment by moment experience of life, trying to figure out what is it all about. Some of us don’t think about it a lot, and some of us enjoy exploring the outer world which inevitably brings us to our inner universe, and if we are curious and experimental enough we may see that there is no outer and inner world, there is only one big consciousness experiencing itself. At least this is how I see it. I could be wrong though :)… Anything is possible in my book…

One thing I know for sure is that if I don’t express myself I will die… well, I will get sick first (as I did) because my spirit will have to let me know I have forgotten about why I am here right now in this life :).

So… When I was a little girl I knew in my heart that I am an artist, and I also wanted to be a singer :D. When I finished my schooling and got a job I thought this was it… But I forgot to nurture my soul that wants to truly express itself. Finally I got back to painting and sculpting (felting) thanks to my daughter who was old enough to pick up a coloring pencil in her cute and crafty little hands, and needed some company in exploring what is she capable of.

Now I am loving myself as much as I love my family, frends, and life itself, and I am expressing that love on the paper or canvas to feel alive, to get to know myself over and over, to get in touch with the source… I find colors inspiring and to me shapes are just a “vessel” for them. When I paint, I am meditating and expressing what I am feeling in the moment, being completely focused on the process of creating, and enjoying it.

Each of my paintings has a story within it, a motivational insight – the detail of my on-going adventure of finding and losing myself while trying to find balance.

Do you know that we are all made of the whole spectrum of colors and by looking at them we can remember having them within?


Come join me on a self-awareness journey through art :). My art is who I am.

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