SYNCHRONICITY or “MEANINGFUL COINCIDENCE” – how it relates to creativity

Maybe you’ve noticed them (meaningful coincidences), maybe you haven’t, they happen to me often. Here is a typical example from the other day, I remembered it this morning together with the featured song.

The last few weeks I’ve been working a lot and I forget to take a break, my daughter suffers a bit too, but at least I always find some time for her, no matter how busy it is…So the other day, the neighbors invited us, the girls go to class together, to come and play. I planned to stay for a short time and return home to work, and let the girls play… When we arrived, us the parents started talking. TV was on, there was some series on… and we talk about Netflix and how it removes quickly movies that we really want to watch again, like “Bohemian Rhapsody” for example… and I went on saying that Freddie is my number 1 and then I remembered, um, Bowie is also my number 1, but TOGETHER they are my number 1… And I went on how I don’t go to the cinema that much, but for the movie about Freddie and the one about Bowie I even went to the cinema… And at that moment, “Under Pressure” starts on the TV in the middle of the series… And in that song, there was a clear message for me: “Stay and hang out…” And I tend to listen when the Universe talks to me :). It was such a great hang out and such fun for the girls and us parents, and I really needed it!!!

That was my story about synchronicity. I experience it frequently and use it to be mindful of the moment it is occurring and to see what messages and signals my soul is trying to bring to my attention. I also meditate regularly and since I started it 10 years ago, this kind of events started to grab my attention and they increased over time, that is I feel I am more connected with my soul and its purpose in this life. I use also this experience and meditation for my work, and my art (featured picture is a detail from my digital painting “Surprised”), and it makes me more open and more creative. And above all IT IS FUN 😊.

Here is some more on synchronicity *

In psychology, synchronicity is a concept developed by Carl G. Jung, Swiss psychologist. It is described as the occurrence of meaningful coincidences that seem to have no cause. Jung wrote, “I found where ‘coincidences’ which were connected so meaningfully that their ‘chance’ concurrence would represent a degree of improbability that would have to be expressed by an astronomical figure.” The underlying idea is that there is unity in diversity.

Meaningful coincidence is a broad description of unforeseen external events that elicit some benefit (or change) to the observer. Jung used the term synchronicity to describe this class of phenomena. Synchronicity has been associated with serendipitous occurrences such as Newton’s apple and Archimedes’s bathwater as well as a host of parapsychological phenomena including telepathy, precognition, retrocognition, remote viewing/healing, psychokinesis, and poltergeists. According to Jung’s model, the external event and the inner state of the observer are not connected causally but by a mutual resonance of meaning called the archetype, a construct containing symbol or myth.

Synchronicity has several domain-based relationships with the concept of creativity – through psychology, through biology, through chaos theory mathematics, and through the new physics. When synchronicity and social interaction are combined, it alters the neural system in the brain. This change is supported by biophysical evidence. Positive feelings experienced by the participants of a synchronous collaboration have been documented. Mindfulness also has a positive influence on the level of synchrony between people. It is studied how meditation is an important component to increasing mindfulness (and in turn synchronicity) in working relationships. Studies show synchrony enhances perception, altruistic behavior, and sociability.   

* (borrowed from HERE.)

I will conclude that meditation and mindfulness can bring only benefits for the society. There are tons of studies on that subject online you can read and study.


Come join me on a self-awareness journey through art :). My art is who I am.

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