Scripts from Neverland: The power of manifestation, myth or truth?

Here’s how it’s done… If you really want something, you can make it happen. You need to accept the current factual situation that you don’t have it, and accept the idea, i.e. the possibility that you may never have it, and be OK with yourself in that probability…

My daughter M (6yo) wanted a gold medal in judo because it’s the only one she doesn’t have yet. Not because it’s the best medal there is, but because she would have a complete with it. The other day there was the judo tournament. M didn’t want to go because she was afraid that she would be the smallest again and that she would again have to fight with bigger kids and lose. We explained to her that no one expects her to win, let her think about not giving up and try, let her do her best and enjoy the event.

She took heart and still fought. She was the smallest and fought with a heavier category (they say if the difference is up to half a kg, you can try with a heavier category). She lost in both fights, 2:0… She was satisfied with how she fought and was happy and smiling all the time, happy because she was fighting with her friends.

At the awards, they called her the only one from her category and awarded her a gold medal, and then in the next category she got a bronze because there were only 2 other girls with her in that category… No one expected that, least of all her…

Did she get a gold medal? Now she has a set 😉 …

Featured painting shows a detail of my digital painting titled: “Crazy but True”. It celebrates synchronicities in life and the power of manifestation.


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