Trauma healing – getting to know yourself better

What would happen if the level of consciousness on this planet rise? How could this world we live in right now look like?

Sometimes people do “good” unconscious of they are doing something bad, and sometimes people consciously do bad things to others convinced that they work for the greater good. The motives are essentially the same. Some “help” and others revenge, but both want good for themselves, they want to feel noble and loved. Both were injured and “damaged” and if they could bring to consciousness their own traumas and forgive those who caused these traumas to them, if they could thank their trauma inflictors for teaching them valuable lessons about life and love, and ultimately if they could forgive their wounded selves for all the bad consciously or unconsciously committed to others, they would be free and truly happy.

Is there really “good and evil”? Or is there only love we all have the access to, but we are the ones keeping ourselves far from it and unaware of that?

Featured image is the detail of Composition 67 from my “Beauty is in Details” series. It was painted with love while contemplating dark side of everything and how to accept it within me. The key is in understanding and loving every aspect of self, because only than one can decide to let go of that what they do not need anymore…


Come join me on a self-awareness journey through art :). My art is who I am.

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